What a time ahead!

Well it's been a while so i thought i'd drop a line of what i'm up too. I'm currently matte painting on a nice little show, i'm also working on some digi maquettes for a potentially awesome project (it's looking pretty sweet right now!) and i'm hard at work on a mammoth project which is slowly draining me of all sanity!

So from here to there i'll see you on the flip side and hopefully have some new art which i'm legally allowed to show!



Belated Thank You!

Well i'd like to send out a belated thank you to all who attended my class in the adult summer school last friday. I really enjoyed your company and really enjoyed seeing you have a go and getting stuck in with some of the techniques i put towards you, you really did everything i wanted which was to let go and just have a go! I hope i broke down which i think is often stumbling block when people enter photoshop for illustration.

So again, you know where to reach me if there's any more questions, keep practicing when and where you can, and enjoy the adventure.



New image for the site

Just finished this sucker off. My first true attempt at getting this workflow together and i kind of like the results, nice, cheap and effective. But this is what people seem to want and i enjoy doing it so here you go.

More to come following this. A nice variety i hope and a change of pace


Panic Button Movie

Hey all i just wanted to make a shout out that Panic Button is being shown at this years FrightFest at 3:35pm - Saturday 27th August.


I was Matte Painter on this movie, nothing much to do, alter some decals to the plane, paint in a new nose cone, and paint an exterior of a window that was not part of the set. As soon as the date goes i'll put the mattes on here and on my site.


Workshop preparations...

I'm doing a workshop this Friday (8 July 2011) so i'm preparing material. The workshop is centred around custom brushes and application, and seeing as application can sometimes be... wasteful?? I've decided to introduce a story to it by preparing some panels quickly, highlighting some techniques i use on whatever i'm working on.

This one was entirely painted using brushes i like to use in Photoshop, no textures nothing. The others will highlight some more techniques, including 3D paintovers. More to come!


First Ecorche of 2011! For shame....

I don't know why but when midnight chimes and bed time calls, i always have to do something creative to truly wipe myself out. And i haven't done an ecorche in so SO long, so i thought i'd get back into it. Rusty as HELL!!!! This was really only going to be a rough skull, but i didn't want to stop there.

p.s Ignore the sternocleidomastoid, i roughed in one section of it, didn't want to touch the neck at 3pm! May add the neck muscles tonight maybe :)


He waits... it's what he does

This started out as a brush test just painting the nose in the middle, but as it turned out alright, i expanded, and have now given you a glimpse into a project i'm currently working on. More of that news to come soon enough :)

Turtle Jedi

Just did this in around an hour or so to warm up into drawing. Been a weird day, so not fully into my head. May 3D sketch it for kicks, see where it goes


Sad Face

Here's a work in progress of the sketch i worked on yesters. I didn't get a job and was really gutted about this one, so i decided if i'm going to mope about it, mean as well get it out of me. So i got on zbrush and just blitzed at it until i found Mr Sad Face here.
I've roughed in some base colours now, and trying to polypaint it. It's tough! Once that's done i'll work on his expression.


Merchant and Sniper

Well here they are, two days between other things including a few more characters and the 3D stuff i've put up lately. Hopefully this will cut the mustard. I enjoyed working on the Merchant, the Sniper was a rush to get done on time, rough as an onion, but gets the idea across.